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Snowcap Pixie's,Champion Easy Ryder Best of Breed,Mid-Pacific region 2009

Fall kittens are on their way! Now accepting reservations!

Kittens will become available starting the 2nd week of November, 2012.

Retired Breeders are available for the right home

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  • Extremely rare lines from Carol Ann Brewer, the breed originator, within 2-3 generations from:
              *Pixie - the namesake of the breed           *Samson             * Houdini
              *Mr Bob                * Macy of Mew York
                          *Bobby Woodruff
                          *Robbie Bobbie
              *Waco Bob          * Devlin
              * Lioness             * Tibbins
  • Developing new lines, combining old lines with our own first generation LegendCats™
                    * The Miracle line
                    * The Savannah line
  • Wild bobcat look in a large domestic cat body
  • Dog-like personalities devoted to their humans
  • DNA/Parentage tested ensuring authenticity of true pixiebob lines.
  • Health/temperament guaranteed

Photos of some of our cats
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