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Two male kittens available in the upcoming holiday season.
Straight-foot, golden, loving.
A litter will be ready in mid-january to go to their new homes.

Snowcap Pixie's,Champion Easy Ryder Best of Breed,Mid-Pacific region 2009

Retired Breeders are available for the right home

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  • Extremely rare lines from Carol Ann Brewer, the breed originator, within 2-3 generations from:
              *Pixie - the namesake of the breed           *Samson             * Houdini
              *Mr Bob                * Macy of Mew York
                          *Bobby Woodruff
                          *Robbie Bobbie
              *Waco Bob          * Devlin
              * Lioness             * Tibbins
  • Developing new lines, combining old lines with our own first generation LegendCats™
                    * The Miracle line
                    * The Savannah line
  • Wild bobcat look in a large domestic cat body
  • Dog-like personalities devoted to their humans
  • DNA/Parentage tested ensuring authenticity of true pixiebob lines.
  • Health/temperament guaranteed

Photos of some of our cats
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