About Snowcap Pixiebobs

Snowcap Pixiebobs is a cattery located in the shadows of Oregon’s great Mt. Hood where wildlife is plentiful and the nearest neighbors are miles apart. We are a relatively new cattery and dedicated to breeding our TICA / ACFA approved LegendCats™ with old Northwest bloodlines to produce our own unique line of pixie-bobs. Our goals are simple: 1) to produce a wild-looking appearance 2) to nurture the unique personality of the pixiebob 3) to nourish our kittens to have a healthy and robust “constitution” 4) to give our kittens the self-confidence to start a new life with their chosen humans without transitional issues. To these goals we have limited litters each year so that each kitten receives the nurturing it needs, both from our family and from its mother. We voluntarily adhere to the TICA Ethical Breeder Code of Ethics.

We began our cattery after we came to realize the cats given to us by our neighbors were extremely different from the domestic cats we had in the past. They all had short articulated tails, extremely athletic, community based group interaction between them, intelligent and brave beyond belief. Even though only one was a tabby I began to suspect that these were the cats of legend that I had vaguely heard about at that time. I contacted Carol Ann Brewer, the Pixiebob breed originator, and she was intrigued enough to drive down to see these cats. Since then she has become a dear friend and mentor. We are working together to mix the descendents of my original five cats with the best of Carol Ann’s old foundation lines to produce the best of two worlds.

Horse ranch work and adventures form the backdrop to the raising and nurturing of our cats and kittens. These pixiebobs are all actively involved in day to day activities as our lives revolve around our animals on the ranch. Feel free to contact us at any time as we always enjoy talking about our pixiebobs.


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