Snowcap Pixiebobs Easy Ryder aka “Dude”

Dude is the very first kitten born with my cattery name as a prefix. He is my number one stud, only because he is the oldest and first, but nonetheless my number one. He is a combination of Livinglegend’s Mewria Carey and Stone Island’s Kodiak. His pedigree traces to Pixie, the original LegendCat™. He is a wonderful guy and at 18 months was trained to a leash and harness. He is my buddy. I will be showing him beginning Spring '08.

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Snowcap Pixiebobs Montana Cat aka “Montana”

Montana is a combination of the oldest lines, from Carol Ann Brewer - the breed originator - and the newest lines from “My Miracle of Snowcap Pixiebobs” one of the most recent approved cats of unknown parentage. Montana is a sweetheart with a very mellow but inquisitive demeanor. I have high hopes that although I am not able to show him due to rules and regulations of the cat associations he will produce a champion.

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